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Like Magic Billet Boxes?


Collectible Spot Video Review

Quick look at a spider web design (tap to open / on contact configurable)

See if you can spot the box in this episode of Fringe!



Recently Sold

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Inner Lid Engraved

Here is a shot of the inner lid exposed with the outer lid partially removed. 

Open View

Both lids are removed in this shot, the lid magnets hidden on the underside of both outer and inner lids.

Most of you will have figured out how this works, but I’ll not give away it’s secrets. Instead, I suggest you go get one of these great little boxes. They’re well machined, and the tolerances are spot on to make this a solid box that will last many years, and take a lot of abuse.


Blogger, Neil's Puzzle Building Blog

The solution is simple and yet very satisfying. Even though it may be tempting to resort to lots of force it is completely unnecessary.


Blogger, Puzzle Paradox

What is good is that first there is some space inside the box to hide some small items. Then the quality is very good: everything fits well and the mechanism works well, of course!  And finally you can order a customized box…  In my case it has a Vasarely design and I love Vasarely!!


Blogger, Puzzling In Wonderlands